António Guterres told world leaders we are at a "moment of peril" at this year's United Nations General Assembly.


Time is running out. We must get the World’s To Do List done.


Acknowledging the current “moment of great peril” for our world – characterized by conflicts, climate catastrophe, division, unemployment, massive displacement and other challenges - Mr. Guterres said that although “it was tempting” to put long-term priorities to the side, development could not wait.

“The education of our children cannot wait. Dignified jobs cannot wait. Full equality for women and girls cannot wait. Comprehensive healthcare, meaningful climate action, biodiversity protection - these cannot be left for tomorrow”, he underscored, highlighting that across all these areas, young people and future generations are demanding action.

“We cannot let them down. This is a definitive moment… The perils we face are no match for a world united…Let’s get our world back on track”, the UN chief urged world leaders.


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