The 2030hub wants to promote the best businesses that the Liverpool City Region has to offer.

Help us find them.

Our definition of best goes way beyond profit, turnover and traditional commercial valuations. We want to find, actively promote and support those businesses that create the biggest impact on their wider communities, and especially those grasping the nettle and targeting the hardest challenges society has to offer.

No business is perfect, or expected to save the world in isolation, but some are much better than others. And they should be given their reward. The private sector is also often the most creative, agile and responsive, if only we can refocus these strengths toward more social good.

Our definition of business is also wider than the polarised historic business and charity roles. As long as there is a demonstration of entrepreneurial flaire and a product or service is being actively sold then we don't care. Some charities and social enterprises are better at generating profit than some businesses, and some businesses can create more impact than some social enterprises and charities. Profit doesn't have to be a bad word.

The great news is that almost every business is already doing at least something to contribute to the success of the Global Goals. Whether it's by recycling, promoting gender equality in the workplace, donating unsold food or a long list of other things, large and small, practically everyone is doing good. The best businesses are going above and beyond.

David Connor, founder of 2030hub, explains:

“To be considered one of Liverpool's best businesses, an organisation will need to demonstrate boldness and bravery. The Sustainable Development Goals urge us to focus on reaching the furthest behind in society first, so we want to hear from organisations tackling the toughest social and environmental challenges in creative ways. They also don't have to be non-profit. In many cases, profitable businesses have significant ability to make long-term sustainable contributions to their communities. We're here to help and support the visionaries and entrepreneurs in every sector.”

“We are already working with lots of organisations, locally and internationally, that are having tremendous positive impact on the Liverpool City Region. Now we want to find and nurture even more, so that we can facilitate knowledge sharing and provide a platform to help them thrive.”

To be considered one of Liverpool's best businesses you don't have to be based within the city. You do have to be able to demonstrate the impact that your organisation makes within the Liverpool City Region. If you think that yours could be considered one of Liverpool's best businesses, whether you are a sole trader or a multinational brand, contact today to receive an application form.

Shortlisted applicants will receive an invitation to 2030hub's first anniversary event later this month and those selected as amongst 'the best of the best' will be announced soon after. Those interested in finding out how to be the best are also encouraged to make contact. All applicants will also be offered free access to further support to improve their impact and communications reach.

Here's a few potential candidates we've met on our travels so far...

Liverpools best businesses