During Global Goals Week in September, 2030hub launched Liverpool Business Avengers to highlight Liverpool’s sustainable business champions doing good locally and as global citizens. To inspire a collaborative community and help amplify awareness specifically connected to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Arena & Convention Centre (ACC)

One of the businesses that stand out for their commitment to sustainability is the Arena & Convention Centre. A local treasure on Liverpool’s iconic waterfront, The ACC Liverpool Group hosts a variety of national and international conferences and events, contributing significantly to our visitor economy. As we count the days to Eurovision 2023 as the host city, it becomes ever more essential to identify ACC’s efforts towards sustainability. Unsurprisingly, as a Liverpool Business Avenger, they are many. 

ACC has delivered £2bn in economic impact since 2008, supporting the local hospitality, leisure and retail sectors while generating more job opportunities for the local community. Philanthropy is another value inherently rooted in ACC as an organisation, having raised £50,000 in donations through Charity Champions and The ACC Liverpool Group Foundation, as well as donating over 100,000 events tickets to the local community and charities in an effort to increase access to minority and hard-to-reach communities. 


Over the years, ACC has also made clear its commitment to local youth by offering educational and career support for students and graduates while partnering with Liverpool universities. In terms of environment, sustainability and climate action, ACC is committed to delivering impact in line with the Sustainable Development Goals by:

  • Becoming 100% renewable energy certified 
  • Sending ZERO waste to landfill 
  • Eliminating single plastics use in its Convention Centre 
  • Installing 925 photovoltaic panels in Exhibition Centre Liverpool providing renewable energy for its venue campus for the next 20 years 
  • Rainwater harvesting across its venues to support reusable water usage, providing 40% of water for flushing across the venue campus

As for its future plans, ACC has made a formal commitment to go beyond:

  • Achieving and maintaining ISO50001 certification 
  • Increasing the amount of recycled waste from 50% in 2019 to 75% by 2022 
  • Reducing the amount of waste to energy by 50% 
  • Installing LED lighting across all venues 
  • Reducing energy consumption and improving the energy efficiency of its venue campus by 50% 
  • Becoming a Zero plastic and Zero waste campus of venues 
  • Sourcing 100% physically sustainable certified palm oil (CPSO) 
  • Continually developing more paper-free event solutions for promotional materials and delegate communications

RS Clare Ltd

Another Liverpool business embracing sustainable change is the globally recognised manufacturer of advanced lubricants, RS Clare. Only two years ago, 2030hub supported RS Clare in its strategic journey to become a vocal industry champion for innovative sustainability and a stronger local community leader. Since then, the company has made significant progress and commitments aligned with three key Sustainable Development Goals. 

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  1. Sustainable Cities and Communities

RS Clare honours its responsibility to the local community by supporting local charities and organisations such as Dream High, KIND and Anglican Cathedral. Their team also contributes to the local area via weekly litter picking and reducing their carbon footprint by adopting a cycle-to-work scheme. Further, the company has improved transport efficiency by optimising bulk storage, reducing the number of deliveries and consequently, reducing transport emissions. 

Through investing in a building management system that improved how its technical centre uses energy and adopting a heat recovery system, RS Clare is able to reduce emissions and recycle heat. 


  1. Responsible Consumption and Production

In terms of its efforts to ensure responsible consumption and production, RS Clare is powered by 100% renewable electricity. Also, it has installed a rainwater harvesting system to reduce its use of the town’s water supply. As for waste management, RS Clare is on the way towards eliminating 22mT of hazardous substances from its manufacturing process. 

To support sustainable consumption, the company offers an EcoCurve range which ensures performance while minimising the need for harmful chemical additives.


  1. Life Below Water

Since many of the products RS Clare supplies are used in marine applications or in total loss systems such as rail track lubrication (ending up in the environment), they strive to ensure products are biodegradable, minimally toxic and non-bio accumulative. 

The company is committed to reducing the amount of pollution and preserving life within these marine ecosystems. 

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OPEN Media

Lastly, we look into OPEN Media, an Out-of-Home media owner committed to using its platform for good. On a journey to carbon neutrality through decarbonising and offsetting, OPEN is constantly measuring its impact internally and within the supply chain. By joining climate solutions provider Ecologi earlier this year, the company has managed to offset 74.52 tonnes of CO2 emissions and plant 5,800 trees in forests around the world.

They are also committed to supporting Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns by donating 10% of its total screen space to charities, totalling £638,000 in media value last year. These campaigns promote important messages that amplify the voices of minorities.

This year, OPEN Media supported the Project Everyone campaign during Global Goals Week, leveraging the power of Out Of Home advertising with its extensive network to raise awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As a global partner, OPEN took part in the campaign through digital and physical activations all over the world. Internally, they have also discussed the importance of these goals within their team to foster a culture of collaboration and accountability in their organisation.

It is indeed refreshing to see well-established local organisations leading by example and integrating sustainability (and specifically the SDGs) into their business strategy. The climate and social issues these businesses are committed to solving and supporting are everyone’s responsibility. In fact, we all benefit from these efforts both locally and globally.

It was from this very understanding that 2030hub was founded, and we would love nothing more than to support your business’ transition into sustainability. If you would like to join ACC, RS Clare and OPEN Media in championing sustainability locally, get in touch via support@the2030hub.com to find out how we can help.