We research, raise awareness, lobby, build community and provide local context to accelerate sustainability impact.


We convene, listen, guide stakeholder engagement and amplify communications


Thought-leadership strategic advice and guidance across our consultancy service offer.

City & Business Sustainability

2030hub is the world’s first UN Local2030 Hub, created to make cities and businesses stronger, and we are a certified B Corp.

Built around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (also called the Global Goals) and the B Corp movement, we inspire, cross-fertilise and support places and businesses wanting to accelerate positive impact.

Cities and businesses are rapidly becoming the forefront for sustainable progress and our model provides support through local expertise whilst also providing access to a global community of knowledge and resources.

2030hub’s B Corp story really began in 2005 when our Founder and seasoned expert in...
Early March is that funny time of the year, not quite winter, not quite spring,...
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