October is finally here and as we start to move away from Global Goals Week (GGW) communications, we could not forget to report on the meaningful projects and activities which were carried out in September across the Liverpool City Region. 

This year's GGW theme of 'Local Action For Global Goals' emphasised the importance of a locally meaningful and bottom-up approach to the Sustainable Development Goals, which is at the heart of our business. In fact, we believe it is only through supporting action at the local level that we will be able to see real, positive impact in our cities and communities.

young activists

2030pioneers: Giving local youth a voice on global issues 

To start out our Global Goals Week activities, we launched the second edition of our 2030pioneers program to find and support local youth activists and ambassadors for the Global Goals, aged between 16 and 24.

Our program’s mission is aligned with the UN’s SDG Young Leaders project and it represents an opportunity for young people in the Liverpool City Region to contribute to systemic change by taking action at a local level, creating global impact towards a sustainable future. All while learning about B Corp, the importance of SDGs to cities and understanding how to effectively build communities. 

Applications are closing at the end of this month on October 28th! You can find more information about the program here. Apply now or contact 2030pioneers@the2030hub.com for further support.


Liverpool’s Business Avengers: local businesses leading the way for sustainable change

During this annual week of action, we also launched Liverpool’s Business Avengers: a selection of 17 local businesses that have made a commitment to the SDGs, and can help us unite forces as a city region to make global issues, locally relevant across private sector peers.

Inspired by the United Nation’s Business Avengers, our hope for this project is that this group can build a united front to support those furthest behind when it comes to sustainable changes here at home, while also embracing the role we as a City Region and businesses can play globally to grow revenues. All whilst serving as true global citizens across the 17 SDGs as a guiding framework.

Read more about these businesses here and find out about their sustainability efforts. Keep an eye out for more LBA content coming soon!


Liverpool: Together for the Global Goals

Every year, as a proud UN Global Partner, we invite organisations across Liverpool City Region to share their own sustainability stories and successes during Global Goals Week. This year was no different and we were reassured to see so many great local businesses embracing this campaign and raising awareness of the Global Goals both internally and through organising their own events. 

Here are some brilliant examples of Liverpool City Region’s take on the GGW 2022:

Yes You Can Tuition took the Global Goals Week mission to St Helens primary schools, raising awareness of the SDGs among pupils and educating them on carbon emissions. Founder & former Secondary Vice Principal, Dawn Johnson launched the educational project "Green St Helens" in an effort towards SDG 4: ensuring that all young people are given access to a quality education that prepares them for the future and that they are able to shape it.

In the program, pupils learnt about the Global Goals while thinking about their own sustainable goals for St Helens. They also have the chance to develop a net zero plan for themselves and for the school.


Another business committed to supporting SDG 4 is local Ed-Tech platform EdenFiftyOne. The company took part in GGW by sharing its commitments to the Global Goals, by adopting the SDG framework, they took steps toward positive change such as committing to advocate for corporate sustainability as well as attending workshops on how to integrate sustainable practices.

Click here to learn more about the incredibly innovative mission of EdenFiftyOne, including their latest achievement of representing Liverpool City Region’s tech community at Bett 2023 in Bangkok - the biggest education technology show in the world! 


A Liverpool Business Avenger and proud partner of Global Goals Week 2022, OPEN Media also took part in Project Everyone's World's To-Do List campaign.

The agency leveraged the power of Out Of Home advertising with its extensive network to raise awareness of the 17 goals, represented as giant sticky notes that lift from iconic locations around the world.

It was inspiring to see how the business is also committed to spreading awareness of the SDGs internally and cultivating a culture of advocacy of the Global Goals by getting the whole team involved. Read more about this here!


The University of Liverpool Management School also took part in GGW by hosting a Selling Sustainably Business Breakfast, in collaboration with Professional Liverpool and their Sales Steering Group.

Speakers Professor Jo Meehan and Chris Dawson shared both academic and industry insights on the importance of ethical selling and adopting sustainable business practices, in order to thrive and future-proof themselves. 

Another exciting initiative from the University of Liverpool is the launch of a new Centre for Sustainable Business happening next week which is founded out of the need to improve the accessibility and applicability of academic research to business challenges. 

“Focusing on issues of climate emergency and social justice affecting businesses, the Centre will act as a broker and ‘translator’ of academic research, stimulating provocative dialogue on business sustainability challenges, to support the development of new research agendas”. 

Alicja Biala, ‘Merseyside Totemy’, Installation View at St Nicholas Place, July 2022. Courtesy Liverpool Biennial and Liverpool BID Company. ©Rob Battersby (8)

Liverpool Biennial: Alicja Biala addresses the urgent issue of the impact of climate change on Merseyside

Lastly, we’d like to draw your attention to an impactful monumental work you might have seen near the Liver Building called Merseyside Totemy.

“With data around climate change typically being presented to the public in an intangible and unrelatable way, Merseyside Totemy aims to strike a hopeful note with visitors. By acknowledging that the effects of climate change are already being felt, the conversation must shift towards the positive possibilities for mitigation and action, rather than prevention.”