Have we got your attention?

More than ever we need big, bold and powerful voices to shape the world that eventually emerges from Covid, and to rebuild in ways that are good for both the planet and our communities.

We've been informally looking for local youth activists to connect to the global Sustainable Development Goals movement on numerous occasions over the past four years and either we aren't very good at looking, or we need more!

2030pioneers is our humble suggested solution.

We will improve our searching skills, but we wanted to go further and aim to create a new programme that inspired and supported even more. Sustainable development is all about meeting the needs of future generations and younger people need to be a much bigger part of those decisions being made.

As part of our commitment to Global Goals Week: Liverpool we are announcing 2030pioneers as a 12-month programme of learning and support for a group of passionate and talented young local leaders aged 12 - 24.

A small inaugural group of successful applicants will receive:

  • Induction and team building session at The Climbing Hangar
  • Opportunity to meet the Mayor of Liverpool
  • Monthly online learning sessions delivered by a range of local and global experts on topics such as:
    • How to be an activist
    • The United Nations, the Sustainable Development Goals
    • Business as a force for good - B Corp
    • Liverpool's history
    • How to effectively communicate
    • What is real impact and how to prove you have created it
  • Individual mentoring
  • Selected and guided experiential trips across the local region
  • Individual and group SDG projects
  • Facilitated volunteering opportunities
  • Plus much more

And you get your very own SDG pin badge!

So, why not you?


Apply here...